Fieldwork Regional Awards

Congratulations to the 2020 Winners:

Quebec, Atlantic and Eastern Arctic Region Winner:
Petroleum System Elements of Trinidad at Cedros Bay; With Analogies to Offshore Nova Scotia
Lauren Morris, Dalhousie University         
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Central Canada Region Winner:
Litho- and chemostratigraphic analysis of meter-scale cycles in an ancient mixed siliciclastic-carbonate slope system, Windermere Supergroup, Southern Canadian Cordillera, B.C., Canada
Jessie Kehew, University of Ottawa         
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Western Canada Region Winner: no submissions

Fieldwork Based Research Awards for Undergraduate Students

CSPG is excited to announce our new award for field-based research by undergraduate students at Canadian universities. Note that these are Awards for the submitted results of the fieldwork, they are not grants made in advance of the fieldwork. Submissions are due by March 31st  and the winners of the awards would be recognized at that year's GeoConvention in Calgary (May/June). The awards will be made annually.

Fieldwork Eligibility Criteria

The work must be based on at least five days of fieldwork undertaken individually or as a group of up to four students with minimal supervisory support. This could be work undertaken as part of:
• a field school
• an undergraduate thesis project
• an internship project with a company or
government entity
• as a field assistant to a research project

This could also include logging of core and other similar activities that involve working directly with rocks; the intention is to exclude pure laboratory studies. Emphasis must be on observations and the derived interpretations. Laboratory work should only be included where critical to support fieldwork conclusions.
Any geoscience topic can be submitted for this award including:
• unconsolidated deposits
• sedimentary geology
• stratigraphy
• paleontology
• igneous and metamorphic terranes
• mineral deposits
• environmental geology
• structural geology

For any questions about topic eligibility contact the Chair of the Fieldwork Awards Committee,

How to Submit

Submission deadline is 31 March of the year following the year in which the fieldwork was undertaken.
Each university can make one submission following their internal review process. Winners will be notified by email two weeks after the submission date (15 April). Submissions must be a 4 page summary in the style of a CSPG Reservoir Magazine article.*
The summary will present the data, analysis, and conclusions of the fieldwork project.
For submissions in French please, if possible, also supply an English translation.

Email a .pdf to including the name and contact details for the corresponding author(s). Each submission must also include a statement of support from the Head of your University department.

Reservoir Magazine Format Information:
  • Articles should be submitted in electronic format in Microsoft Word in Arial 9-point font and single-spaced. Spell out all units of measure and acronyms. 

  • Photos and graphics are welcome and will be included if space allows. Use .tiff images at 300 dpi, 100% size. Coloured images are preferred. Please submit them as attachments instead of in the body of the email. All images and graphics must include a caption and if necessary credit for photographer

  • Word Count for Fieldwork Research submissions - 2500-3000 words with 4+ images/figures.