Call for Nominations

The CSPG is seeking nominations for its 2023 Board of Directors. 

The available positions are:

  • President Elect – who will continue to serve as President in the 2nd year and Past President in the 3rd year 
  • Finance Director Elect – who will continue to serve as Finance Director in the 2nd year 
  • Three Directors at Large - who will each serve a 2-year term on the Board of Directors

Please note that only voting members of CSPG (Full, Emeritus, Honorary, Recent Grads) who are in in good standing with the CSPG can be nominated. 

The Nomination Process:

There are two methods to make a nomination:

1. Complete and submit the Candidate Form to the CSPG Nominations Committee for consideration.
2. Complete and submit the Nomination Form requiring 25 Voting Member signatures. Your candidate will stand for election. 

Deadline for submission is October 21st, 2022. Please send all forms to [email protected].

Being a CSPG Director:

  • CSPG is seeking candidates who value working together with other Board members and yet thrive on the challenge of strategizing, developing, and executing a plan centered around a specific portfolio. 
  • CSPG portfolios may vary from year to year. Additional directors may also be appointed by the Board for one-year terms.  
  • Advantageous work experience: Prior Board experience, leadership, a pragmatic attitude, visionary, management
  • New directors participate in orientation, strategic planning, portfolio planning, monthly Board meetings and during the month may assist Committee Chairs steer their events. It is desirable if the director can attend some of the event functions, especially under their portfolio and CSPG Technical Luncheons, GeoConvention, and Conferences. 
  • Directors are asked to assist in promoting CSPG membership and encourage members to volunteer. 

If you have any questions, please contact Emma MacPherson, CSPG Managing Director at 403-513-1235.