Geophysical Atlas of Western Canadian Hydrocarbon Pools

The Geophysical Atlas was originally published in 1989 and has been out of print for a number of years.

Scanning services for this digital version were generously provided by iSafe Imaging.

The Geophysical Atlas of Western Canadian Hydrocarbon Pools downloadable files are presented in PDF format. 

Title Page (25 KB)

Preface (59 KB)

Acknowledgements (75 KB)

Table of Contents (75 KB)

Introduction (2.4 MB)

Chapter 1Paleozoic Clastic Reservoirs (13.5 MB)

Chapter 2Elk Point Carbonate Reservoirs (19.0 MB)

Chapter 3Beaverhill Lake Group Carbonate Reservoirs (17.0 MB)

Chapter 4Woodbend Group Reservoirs (16.0 MB)

Chapter 5Winterburn (Nisku) Reservoirs (13.0 MB)

Chapter 6Mississippian Reservoirs (16.4 MB)

Chapter 7Triassic / Jurassic Fields (14.0 MB)

Chapter 8The Lower Cretaceous (34.0 MB)

Chapter 9Upper Cretaceous Reservoirs (7.5 MB)

Chapter 10Reflection Seismic Study of a Lower Paleocene Coal Deposit, Wabamun, Alberta (1.4 MB)

Chapter 113-D Seismic (5.0 MB)

Chapter 12Vertical and Lateral Seismic Profiles (14 MB)