January 14, 2020
Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere: Deciphering factors that constrain the extent of the deep biosphere in a subduction zone.
Speaker: Dr. Verena Heuer
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January 23, 2020
The Mannville of East-Central Alberta (Twp. 35-45 Rge. 1W4-20W4)
Speakers: Godfried Wasser and Shpetim Cobaj, Eucalyptus Consulting Inc. 
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February 05, 2020
Determination of Mineralogy and Reservoir Properties from XRF Elemental Data in the Duvernay Formation
Speaker: Ron Spencer, PhD | XRF Solutions Ltd.
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JANUARY 14, 2020
Kickstarting an Industry – Geothermal in Canada
Catherine Hickson, PhD, P. Geo (Alberta and BC) | President Geothermal Canada (travel supported by Terrapin Geothermics and Alberta #1) 

JANUARY 09, 2020
Quantifying Natural Fractures systems (How do I get the Engineers to understand?)
Speaker: Paul A MacKay | Shale Petroleum Ltd

FEBRUARY 06, 2020
3D Seismic Estimates of the Anisotropic Stresses in the Athabasca oil Sands Reservoirs for Caprock Integrity
Speakers: Carmen C. Dumitrescu | Terra-IQ Ltd.