CSPG Technical Divisions sponsored by: 

April 13, 2021
E-Technical Division Talk 
Source-Rock Facies Models, or Why Didn’t the Second White Specks Work as a Resource Play?
Presenter:  Dr. Bruce S. Hart, Western University

April 8, 2021
E-Technical Division Talk 
Geology of the Clarke Lake Project
Presenter: Evan Renaud, GIT

May 4, 2021
E-Technical Division Talk 
Calgary Zoo Flood Mitigation: Groundwater Management and Dewatering on an Island
Speaker: Soren Poschmann, ISL Engineering’s Water and Environment group 


April 14, 2021
E-Technical Division Talk 
The Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities
Speaker: Tako Koning, P. Geol

April 28, 2021

 E-Technical Division Talk 
An Objective Skills Assessment for Operations Geoscience (Christine Telford, Tim Herrett, Bob Fagg and Martin Gardner)
Presenter: Christine Telford. For and on behalf of OGICA LLP, UK.

April 16, 2021
E-Technical Division Talk
Presentation 1: History of waste and how it has changed the world over the past ~3.5 Billion years
Presenter: Dr. Stan Stancliffe (Keynote Presentation), Professional Geologist
Presentation 2: Visiting Upper Cambrian Stromatolites near Helen Lake, Banff National Park
Presenter: Tako Koning (Brief Presentation), Geological Consultant
Authors: Senior Author, Tako Koning, Geological Consultant
Coauthor: John Koning, Retired Geologist

May 6, 2021
 E-Technical Division Talk 
A Practical (and Non-judgemental) Look at the Mechanics of Natural Fractures
Speaker: Amy Fox, Enlighten Geoscience Ltd.