OCTOBER 22, 2019
Discrete Fracture Modeling with Different Fracture Drivers
Cindy Xu | Schlumberger Canada

OCTOBER 29, 2019
Geomodeling Division Social Event
Barely Mill Pub

DECEMBER 11, 2019
Heavy Oil/Oil Sands Holiday Social
Bank & Baron Pub

NOVEMBER 13, 2019
Why Projects Fail
Roger D. Whittaker

OCTOBER 16, 2019
Use of 3D Models to Mitigate Frac Hits and Reduce Risk on Well Placement
Rocky Mottahedeh United Oil and Gas 

OCTOBER 18, 2019
Exploring the Natural History Hall at the new Royal Alberta Museum
Alwynne B. Beaudoin | Royal Alberta Museum
Brief Presentation
If In Japan… visit the Tokai University Natural History Museum
Speaker: William Arnold Ingelson | APS Member