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Hydrogeology E-Technical Division Talk
Fugitive Methane Gas Migration around Alberta’s Petroleum Wells Presenter: Jason M. Abboud, BGC Engineering

When: February 2, 2021
Heavy Oil/Oil Sands E-Technical Division Talk
The Geomechanics of Caprock Integrity in Alberta's Heavy Oil Projects Speaker: Amy D. Fox, Enlighten Geoscience Ltd.

When: February 3, 2021
Structural Geology E-Technical Division Talk
Montney Petrophysics, Overturning the Interpretation:  How the Synthetic Image Log Quantifies Subtle Reservoir Variations for Input into Mechanical Earth Models Presenter: Sandra Bleue, Petrophysics Outsource Inc. Observed subtle structures within the Montney at Gold Creek and why they matter  Presenter: Pippa Murphy, Velvet Energy Ltd.

When: February 4, 2021
International E-Technical Division Talk
The New Commodity Bull Market Is Underway Speaker: Josef Schachter, CFA President Schachter Energy Research Services Inc.

When: February 10, 2021
Geothermal E-Technical Division Talk
Carbonates as they relate to green energy – An Overview taken from literature and work experience in the Western Canadian Basin Presenter: Eva Drivet, Drivet Geological Consulting Ltd.

When: February 11, 2021
GeoWomen E-Talk - February
Dealing with Adversity: The Journey of a Hard of Hearing Female Geologist  l  Speaker: Jennifer Kingsbury

When: February 16, 2021
February 17 Technical Webinar
The Vital Role of Mudstone/Shale Studies in Advancing Sequence Stratigraphy in General Speaker:Kevin M. Bohacs, KMBohacs Geoconsulting

When: February 17, 2021
Palaeontology E-Technical Division Talk
Adapting to life in the soup:  The fauna of the Cretaceous Upper Chalk Presenter: Jon Noad, SediMental Services

When: February 19, 2021
Operations E-Technical Division Talk
Competition between Engineering and Geology in SAGD Caprock Integrity: How to convert geology into numbers Presenter: Mazda Irani, Ashaw Energy

When: February 24, 2021
2021 Online Gussow Conference
Back to Black: Revisiting Mannville Heavy Oil and Oilsands

When: March 10–11, 2021