The CSPG Corporate Advantage Program is a sponsorship matching program that gives our existing sponsors added benefits when involved with our joint ventures,advertising, exhibiting and the company patron program. This program exists to form a partnership with our valued sponsors and provide additional recognition to increase sponsorship levels.

Advantage Program Guidelines:

- The Corporate Advantage Program is calculated on a monthly basis.
- Sponsorship dollars are recognized within this program for 12 months after the official invoice date.
- Companies MUST be an existing CSPG sponsor to be recognized for GeoConvention/Joint Conferences sponsorship, Advertising and Exhibitor involvement

CSPG Events
When you sponsor a CSPG event,dollar for dollar is recognized according to the CSPG Sponsorship Levels.

Joint Venture Events

At CSPG, we have numerous joint ventures,such as GeoConvention, Playmaker Forum (CSPG/AAPG), and Carbonates Conference (CSPG/SEPM) and Geoscience Meets Engineering (CSPG/SPE).  When you sponsor a joint venture, the amount you sponsored with the joint venture is valued at 50% and add-ed to your CSPG sponsorship to move you to a higher level. For instance, if you sponsor Playmaker Forum for $10,000 CSPG adds $5,000 in deter-mining your level.


As a CSPG sponsor, additional partnering with CSPG via advertising is valued at $1,000 for each $5,000 of CSPG advertising. Please email to advertise in the Reservoir, GeoCalendar, the CSPG website, street level TV advertising, or at our events.

Exhibitor Advantage
If your company is an exhibitor at our events such as the Gussow Conference, Joint Conferences or GeoConvention, your exhibitor dollars earn you sponsorship recognition.As a CSPG sponsor, additional partnering with CSPG via the Exhibit Floor or as a Technical Vendor Exhibit is valued at $1,000 for each $5,000.

Company Patron
When companies recognize  the value in making the commitment to have all Geoscientists on staff register as members,CSPG comps you as a Corporate Supporter for $1,000. Or if you are already an existing sponsor, this $1000 gets added to you overall sponsorship standing.

For more information check out the Company Patron Page

Sponsorship Funds Recognition Grid:

CSPG Events  100% Recognition 
Joint Ventures
(GeoConvention, Joint Conferences) 
50% Recognition 
Advertiser  20% Recognition
Exhibitor  20% Recognition