Operations Division Talk

Remote Geosteering – Applications in Conventional and Unconventional Plays in Canada

Speaker: Mustafa Pasha | McLeay Geological

January 15th, 2020
Location: geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540-5th Avenue S.W., Calgary

12:00pm: Talk Starts


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The successful horizontal well placement has been always a big challenge for the Oil & Gas Operators around the world and it becomes very critical as structural geological variations coupled with lateral facies changes and reservoir fluid changes occur.

However, the recent technological advancements in MWD/LWD tools for Geosteering the horizontal wells, have substantially eliminated these issues and we can now place the lateral legs in the optimal well path with a great level of confidence.
For instance, the revolution of the bed boundary mappers have increased the depth of investigation to +30metres all around the well bore facilitating visualization across multiple layers.

Consequently, various geosteering applications for conventional and unconventional resource plays have been and are very effectively used anywhere in the world and we are very happy to see that they become more of interest to our domestic industry as well.

As the key in Remote Geosteering is to utilize the best methodology as required for every specific reservoir, in order to minimize drilling costs and payout time and maximize reservoir contact and production returns, we would like to discuss the application of the Remote Geosteering in most of the present and future formations of interest in Canada.


Mustafa Pasha is a Petroleum Geologist with a MS in Petroleum Geology and an MBA received in Pakistan. After 18 years with the Geological Survey of Pakistan and USGS on different exploration projects, Mustafa moved to Canada in 2000 and started working extensively in the Oil & Gas Industry in a multitude of conventional and unconventional programs for various operators.

His versatile and diversified work experience led him to work in the international market as well.
Although remained associated with McLeay Geological, Mustafa worked as a geosteering specialist and a Geosteering Manager for Saudi Aramco for almost ten years until his recent retirement from Aramco.

Back in Canada, he established a Geosteering Operation Centre within our company, heading a team of geosteering geologists with extensive domestic and international geosteering experience in multiple conventional and unconventional plays.

Mr. Mustafa Pasha is specialized in Geosteering in all types of clastic/carbonate conventional or unconventional reservoirs being also an expert in the using and interpretation of every Geosteering MWD/LWD tool as well as in using any simple or advanced Geosteering software like SES, Starsteer, Stratworks, DSG, Petrel, etc.