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Modelling Drainage Footprints of Wells and Fracs Shadows in Conventional & Tight Oil Reservoirs to Reduce Risk on Infills through a Volumetric Simulation 

Speaker: Rocky Mottahedeh, United Oil & Gas Consulting 
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 pm, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020
Location: Husky Conference Room A, 3rd Floor, +30 level, South Tower, 707-8th Ave. SW, Calgary AB

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VSM is a Volumetric Simulator technology within SMART4D software has been developed for Reservoir Studies. Two such cases in Heavy Oil and Tight Plays will be shared.  
The need from Producers for a faster, accurate and lower cost process to drill ready infills and de-risking for well locations in ultra-high well density cases in Mature Heavy Oil projects was the main need for starting this process.  Through the years VSM was extended to Tight plays. Several hundred wells have been successfully planned and drilled through this VSM technology residing as a Reservoir Engineering module in the geo-model software.   

At very high model resolutions (5-10m geo-cellular spacing), VSM simulator iteratively calculates and matches EURs to a 3D drainage volume within wellbores and individual frac movable oil (SRVs) at various displacement efficiencies. 
Initially a highly representative geo-model of HCPV for the conventional or Unconventional reservoir is developed in SMART4D and downscaled to multi-million (5-10) cells.

Current interest to optimize every aspect of well placement and subsequent completions is the driver to drive costs lower for projects and reduce frac hits to get better wells.      



Rocky Mottahedeh, P. Geol. P.Eng. is the CEO of United Oil & Gas Consulting and SMART4D Geosteering with offices in Calgary and current Clients in the US and Canada.
Rocky’s nearly 40 years’ experience includes a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to geosciences including Geology and Reservoir Engineering. Rocky received a B.A.Sc. from University of Toronto in Geological Engineering in 1981. 
Early interest in variability modelling in 3D and system development to make better workflows for integration of Operations Geology, Drilling systems and Reservoir Engineering has lead into the development of SMART4D in the past 20+ years.

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