Upcoming Division Talk

Use Of Drill Cuttings For Unconventional Reservoir Assessment
FACILITATOR: Doug Hayden, Hayden Geological Consultants 

LOCATION: AER Core Research Centre, 3545 Research Way NW, Calgary

September 24, 2019 12:00-1:00 PM

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Drill cuttings have proven to be a valuable source for data and insight into characterizing unconventional reservoirs. With increasing use of public material, such as the cuttings at the AER Core Research Centre, issues such as proper sampling techniques, choice of special analyses to perform on certain lithology types, and sample quality assessment prior to destructive testing have become increasingly important to consider and discuss. 
The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum for discussion between the users and the regulator (AER) to better understand how drill cuttings are being used. We will also address current guidelines and procedures to ensure that the public/stakeholder interest is being protected. With the collective expertise represented within the CSPG membership, that uses the data and material, we feel that a forum of this type will give the AER increased insight into how the material is being used and will also allow the AER an opportunity to explain their guidelines and procedures to the most invested and knowledgeable stakeholders. 

Doug has served as the chair of the CSPG Core and Sample Division for a number of years. He worked with Canadian Hunter from 1985-1991 as a Petrographer and has been an independent consultant since 1992. In 1995 Doug took over the “Estimating Porosity and Permeability From Drill Cuttings” workshop from Valerie Ethier (one of the first women Geologists to work in the Oil Patch in Canada) and has presented the workshop to over 1200 Geologists to date.

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Division Profile
The Division has met sporadically over the years and has usually only assembled when specific issues have arisen that impact the access and use of core and sample material to the Geological community. Issues such as the proposed expansion of the AER Core Research Centre, changes to the submission of drill cuttings to the AER, and changes in sampling rules by the EUB/ERCB/AER have been central topics for discussion. In all cases, we include staff from the regulator to provide a two-way discussion to help us better understand the critical issues on both sides of the fence. With the rapidly changing landscape in our industry we anticipate more of these issues to arise with changing rules and technology.

Division Chair: Doug Hayden