BASS Division Talk

The Mannville of East-Central Alberta (Twp. 35-45 Rge. 1W4-20W4)

Speaker: Godfried Wasser and Shpetim Cobaj, Eucalyptus Consulting Inc

January 23, 2020
Location: geoLOGIC Room (2nd Floor), Aquitaine Tower, 540-5th Avenue S.W., Calgary

12:00pm: Talk Starts


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Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies are well beyond unconventional reservoirs. Viewing reservoirs in terms of hydrocarbon column height and increased awareness of the complexity of porosity led us to see reservoir geology in a new light. We enumerate core observations and thin section examination as input for petrophysical analysis. We work from the ‘rock to the log’.

In this context several regional reservoir geological projects were executed in formations like the Montney in the Deep Basin and now the Mannville in East-Central Alberta. In the latter, Southern Plains stratigraphic nomenclature merges with that of the NE Eastern Plains. This poses interesting issues and opportunities.

AccuMap provides basic well information and PETRA is for in depth petrophysical and geological analysis. The evaluation’s database of 1000 wells drilled post 1995 ensures good wireline log quality. Applying log curve availability and quality criteria, 886 wells were used for petrophysical analysis. Using a grid of many cross sections, we correlated stratigraphic units like the Dina, Cummings, GP, Sparky, and Waseca throughout the mapping area encompassing major geological features such as the Edmonton Channel and Hackett High.

Petrographic analysis recognized the transition of a Canadian Shield to Rocky Mountain sediment source and an evolution in feldspar from the GP to the Sparky and Waseca. Combined with other lithologic changes (e.g. grain size) this led to algorithms such as porosity-permeability and VSH-GR algorithms for various formations that were applied in the petrophysical analysis.

Subsequent mapping highlights hydrocarbon accumulations in the Mannville formations. It also shows changes in drainage patterns over time. Mapping, covering individual and grouped formations, ranges from simple structure to OOIP maps and permeability distribution maps.


Godfried Wasser (founder) and Shpetim Cobaj resurrected Eucalyptus Consulting in May 2016. Both have decades of industry experience. With a staff of four, the company offers detailed geological evaluations, petrophysical, petrographical, geophysical and operational services.
Subscribing clients receive a PETRA Project containing our results on hard disk ready to plug into their corporate system. This creates an instant regional database that clients can use to evaluate their holdings, compare acquisition targets and plan for operational opportunities.