Presenter Guidelines

Technical Division, Technical Webinar and Technical Luncheon programs
The CSPG maintains high technical standards. Presentations should be prepared for the interest and benefit of the CSPG membership, which is made up of geoscientists, managers, executives, consultants, students, and academia. Technical presentations should not be prepared to promote a particular product or company.

These submission guidelines apply to confirmed presenters. 

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Abstract submission
What to submit: 

  • Short technical abstract, figures, biography, presenter headshot & discipline tags
    • Maximum submission 750 words (approx. 500-word abstract, 250-word biography), 
    • Maximum two-colour figures per abstract submission (.jpg, png. images at 100% size, 300dpi resolution) 
      • Figures must be submitted as separate attachments 
    • Presenter headshot
      • Headshot with a solid background (preferably white or grey) 
      • Must be submitted as a separate attachment
    • Discipline tags: 

PowerPoint presentation guidelines

For all presentations, ensure your presentation is on widescreen (16:9) CSPG branded PowerPoint template. When possible please use the CSPG presentation template. 

Click here to download the CSPG Branded PowerPoint template. 

If the template provided cannot be used, then please add the CSPG logo to the bottom left or bottom right of the presentation slides used.

Click here to download the CSPG logo

CSPG logo must remain clear on a majority of the presentation slides and cannot be impeded by text or figures. 

For further information on how to use the CSPG logo, click here. 

Recording presentations 

CSPG can record your live presentation to be included in the CSPG Digital Library. This increases the presentation's shelf life and allows more geoscientists to view the content, which in turn increases the brand awareness of your organization and recognition of the presentation. 

If you would like to add your presentation to the CSPG Digital Library, please ensure you complete the Recording Permission form and submit the completed form to your CSPG contact person prior to the event date. 

Click here to download the Recording Permission form

CSPG reserves the right to apply minor edits to recorded presentations prior to posting content. The edits will not affect the technical information presented. Upon written request, presenters are entitled to receive a copy of their recorded presentation; the edited version of the recorded presentation will be released six months after the event date. 

Committee Members

Please note -  Due to Core Conference and Geoconvention there will be no TD Talks in May. TD Talks will take a break in July and August, and restart in September. 

Technical Division Talk Submission Deadline:
Primary Deadlines- to include talk announcement in the Reservoir:

  • January 31, 2023 - Mar/Apr Reservoir
  • March 31, 2023 - May/Jun Reservoir
  • May 31, 2023 - July/Aug Reservoir
  • July 28, 2023 - Sept/Oct Reservoir

Secondary Deadline - if you miss the primary deadline, the event info must be submitted by this deadline. If you do not meet this deadline your talk will not be booked. 

  • 3rd Monday of each month 

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Presenter Guidelines as of November 2020