September 3, 2020
Structural Geology Transect in the Eastern Canadian Rocky Mountains, Calgary (AB) to Field (BC)
Instructor: Normand Bégin, Nanook Geo-Exploration Inc. 
 Field Course | CPD Credits: 9

September 17-18, 2020
3D Printing in Geoscience and Engineering: Emerging Technology in Education, Research, and Communication
Instructors:  Sergey Ishutov, Kevin Hodder, Rick Chalaturnyk, Gonzalo Zambrano-Narvaez, University of Alberta
 E-Short Course | CPD Credits: 8

September 17-18, 2020
The Athabasca in situ oil sands: History, Geoscience, Development, Production and Technology 
Instructors: Stan Stancliffe, GeoR.E.D. & Gord Stabb, Durando Resources Corp. 
 E-Short Course | CPD Credits: 6

September 24-25, 2020
Introduction to Geosteering
Instructor: Janelle Springer, ROGII
 geoLOGIC Classroom - Aquitaine Tower | CPD Credits: 12

September 27, 28, October 1, 2, 2020
Basics of Geomodeling- An Overview 2020 
Instructor: David Garner, TerraMod Consulting 
 E-Short Course | CPD Credits: 14

October 29, 2020
Oil Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists
Instructor: Kamal Malick, P.Eng, TAQA North
 geoLOGIC Classroom - Aquitaine Tower | CPD Credits: 7.5

October 30, 2020
Gas Reservoir Engineering for Geoscientists 
Instructor: Kamal Malick, P.Eng, TAQA North
geoLOGIC Classroom - Aquitaine Tower | CPD Credits: 7.5

November 18, 2020
WCSB Devonian Carbonate Core Workshop: Essential guide to depositional settings and lithologies, with examples from the Clive Leduc CO2 CCS
Instructors: Eva Drivet, Drivet Geological Consulting Ltd. and David Hills, Enhance Energy Inc.
 AER Core Research Centre | CPD Credits: 7.5