Student Outreach
Providing information and inspiration to graduate and undergraduate science students through University Outreach programs such as the Visiting Lecture Tour attracts the best and brightest to our discipline and industry, even in challenging times. Our funding targets students most likely to consider a geoscience career.


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 “Outreach is more than just education. It is an
opportunity to pass on my passion for
geology to others.”

 – CSPG Volunteer 
    “ ‘Prediction through direct evidence’ technique
really helped me to further understand geology,
and was by far one of the highlights of the trip”

– Nicole Brisson, Queens University

Public Awareness
For over 20 years the CSPG Foundation has recognized that basic Geoscience education promotes awareness and understanding of the Geosciences to Canadian decision-makers and the general public. The CSPG Foundation provides funding for Canadian museums, K-12 Outreach, Earth Science for Society and resources for teachers across the country.

 "I would DEFINITELY recommend this to my friends.
It’s incredibly inspiring and has opened my eyes
more than I could ever imagine.” 

– Student at World of Choices 2014 
   "They kept telling us how much they learned.
Being so interactive and hands on definitely kept
their interest and enhanced their learning!”

 – K12 Teacher at ESFS  
 “I learned about seismic energy and it was awesome!” 
– Student at ESFS
    “I got to follow my dreams in Palaeontology!” 
– Student at ESFS
 “Students indicated that they were able to learn a
great deal about aspects of geology they did not
consider such as fossil exploration and some of the
interesting tools of the trade.” 

– K12 Teacher at ESFS  
   "Now I have insight about where I want to go in
 my life. I feel like I am able
to achieve anything I want.” 

– Student at World of Choices 2014 

Scholarships, Awards, & Grants
Rewarding geotechnical excellence ensures that there are skilled and knowledgeable geoscientists advancing our profession and industries into the future. Every year the demand grows as the cost of post-secondary education increases.


The CSPG Foundation funds the following:
Andrew D. Baillie Award
Best Graduate Thesis Awards
Graduate and Undergraduate Awards

Student Event Grants

“It is encouraging to know that the work of geoscience graduate students across Canada is supported and rewarded by our professional peers.”
- Rares Bistran (M.Sc. Thesis Award Winner, 2015)
   “The honor of winning such a prestigious award gave me a welcomed boost of confidence with which I could launch my career in the oil industry.”
– Dallin Laycock (PhD Thesis Award Winner, 2015)
“It symbolized a recognition from academic and industry in support of my contribution to petroleum geology.”
– Di Xiong (Graduate Student Scholarship Winner, 2015)
  “The CSPG Regional Graduate Scholarship is a distinct honour and I am grateful to the CSPG Foundation for their support of my Doctoral research.” 
– Paul Durkin (Graduate Student Scholarship Winner, 2015)

Student Industry Field Trip (SIFT)

Because of your support the CSPG Foundation is able to provide students from 30 Universities across Canada the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, two-week educational program that includes lectures, field trips, exploration games and valuable networking opportunities. This program attracts the best undergraduates to the petroleum industry and educates them about the impact of the petroleum industry on society, provides essential skills for finding petroleum reserves and informs them about career opportunities that exist in the oil and gas sector.


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