Mountjoy Carbonate Research Conference III - Virtual Sampler

It's a wrap! This year's virtual sampler gave us a chance to showcase cutting-edge research and featured a series of keynote presentations and discussion sessions led by a diverse panel of experts that highlighted recent state of the art trends in carbonate research and resource extraction. It wrapped up with interactive video presentations of drill cores from Alberta, and we even had the chance to travel virtually to visit Ediacaran reefs in Namibia, the beautiful Canadian Rockies, and the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas through stunning virtual field trips. 

On behalf of the CSPG, SEPM and the Conference Committee we thank all the attendees, presenters, and sponsors who contributed to make this event a success. 

Please note that the conference recordings are sent to all attendees 5 days after the conference ends, if you have not yet received your link please let the CSPG office know. 

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at next year's in-person Mountjoy III Conference in beautiful Banff, AB, Canada. 

SAVE THE DATE: August 15-19, 2022

Message from David Hills - Co-Chair of the Mountjoy Conference Committee

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