Back to Black: Revisiting Mannville Heavy Oil and Oilsands.
Gussow 2020 Conference
Dates:   October 14th, 15th 2020    
Location: Earl Grey Golf Club, Calgary, Canada


CSPG’s Gussow Conference is a two-day, single-track conference hosted in Calgary this fall, where participants will revisit the geology of the Mannville Group and investigate the innovations that have changed how heavy oil and bitumen reservoirs are produced.  From continental-scale depositional systems to the grains of sand impacting completion design the conference sessions will explore the play at all scales with a focus on understanding how geoscience can improve profitability.  Speakers will present the most recent results from academic research and practical case studies from thermal oil sand operators and primary heavy oil producers.  A technology and innovation exposition will showcase methods that will optimize your geoscience workflow in the development of heavy oil and bitumen reservoirs. 

Technical Sessions:

1) Regional/Big Scale/Continental                              Co-Chairs Stephen Hubbard, Joan Carter

2) Reservoir Facies/Reservoir Characterization        Co-Chairs Jason Lavigne, Paul Durkin

3) Integrated Case Studies                                         Co-Chairs Bryce Jablonski, Greg Cave

4) Future Directions and Innovation                           Co-Chairs Michael Webb, Mark Caplan, Megan Boutin

Gussow Committee:

Jen Russel-Houston | Ossum Oil Sands Corp.
Jason Lavigne | Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Mark Caplan | Cenovus Energy Inc.
Michael Webb | Suncor Energy
Stephen Hubbard | University of Calgary
Chad Glemser | Paramount Resources
Saundra Diardichuk (CSPG Conference Coordinator)

CPD hours: 16