How Old is that Mountain?

How Old is That Mountain?
Chris Yorath

How old is that mountain? How old are those ones over there? What are they made of? When were they made? Have they always been there? Will they be there forever?

How Old is That Mountain? is about the Rockies. More specifically, it's about the Rocky Mountains of Banff and Yoho National parks and adjacent areas. In non-technical terms and highly-readable prose this book answers many of the questions that are raised about the spectacular topography of this area.

How Old is That Mountain? is also an excellent field guide, affording the traveller a new window in the past and present of this popular tourist region. Taking the reader along the Trans-Canada Highway from the Mountain Front to the Rocky Mountain Trench and from Lake Louise to the Columbia Icefields, How Old is That Mountain? offers a fresh and intriguing look into the geology of this incredible region.

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