Upcoming Division Talk 

December 11, 2020
The St. Mary River Formation and its fossils
Speaker: Georgia L. Hoffman, Professional Geologist and APS member
Time: 7:30 pm-8:30 pm, Mountain Time

 E-Technical Division Talk 

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Division Profile
The Palaeontology Division runs in association with the Alberta Palaeontological Society (APS) and the Mount Royal University Earth Science Department. Its mandate is to provide a forum for CSPG members and the general public who are interested in palaeontological issues and applications. Topics are wide-ranging and range from technical dissertations on application to the oil industry to general interest such as dinosaur art and palaeontological expeditions. This is to accommodate the diverse group of 30-80 people that typically attend each talk. Unlike most of the other technical divisions the talks are held in the evenings (7:30 PM), typically the third Friday of every month. Talks typically average about 45 minutes followed by a short question/discussion period. Speakers are sought from industry, museums, universities and even the art world. Talks run from September through May with a break through the summer. Once a year a two day Palaeontological Symposium is held at Mount Royal University. Events include a full day of lectures, a poster session and educational workshops. Most events are free so as to be accessible to the general public. While these talks are held in association with the APS, that societies' summer field trips require an APS membership.

Committee Members
CSPG Palaeontology Division Chair: Jon Noad
Alberta Palaeontological Society Coordinator: Harold Whittaker 

Paleontology Technical Division Sponsor