The CSPG office is currently open. However, to fulfill our commitment to flattening the curve, we are making some changes and adjustments to our office operations to meet the guidelines of health, safety and care for our customers and our team. If you need to visit our office please ensure you make an appointment a staff member prior to arrival. 

Access full list of CSPG office Re-Opening Guidelines

To support us with our efforts to keep Calgary healthy and safe, we ask you to please choose not to visit our office in-person, unless you absolutely need to.

Congratulations to CSPG Member Maureen Stonehouse for her appointment as a co-chair to the 2021 Core Conference Committee. 

The nomination process for the 2021 Board of Directors is now closed. New board members will be announced in December.

A new issue of the Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology is Now Available!   Read Issue.